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When There's Nothing...

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Have you reached the road where your money and expenses do not balance up? Do you find yourself having more month left over at the end of your money? Well, you are not alone.

Often, when we find ourselves in this type of predicament, we can only view the world from what we lack. For example,

"I can't go here"

"I can't pay this"

"I can't afford this"

One big reason we succumb to this mindset is because of the influence of social media. We get to see what appears to be hundreds of individuals that "have" what we perceive ourselves to be lacking. We might also have people in our lives that like to "flash "their possessions in our face. Might a make a suggestion, maybe they might not be intentionally "flashing" what they have; our point of view that focuses on what we lack causes us that way. I bring this to your attention because, I want you to consider how much of your environment is a result from this faulty thinking?

Did you know that even when you "lack" resources, or have "nothing", that's not the end of it. When there's nothing, there's the possibility of everything! You might be thinking, "yeah right" and looking at your screen as Whitney peered at this interviewer below.

Either way, I'm not trying to slick a can of oil past you (not trying to fool you). I speak from experience.

You see, there were several periods of time where I found myself lacking. When I say lacking, I mean as far as to where I slept on someone's floor behind their living room couch with my child, because that provided me a level of privacy. Other times, the issues where not "having enough" to pay my bills. For years, I only focused on the "nothing" I seemed to have. Which afforded me endless cycle of "I can't" and the stress that comes with it. However, I know that even with having nothing, possibilities become #endless !

Feel free to check out our YouTube channel here where I go more in depth on how I quit focusing on what was lacking, considered what I could do with what I had, and the doors that opened for me!

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