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Total Money Makeover Review: The (Non)secrets of the Rich

#1) There's a Price For Being Financially Fit

To be financially fit you have to make sacrifices if you're in a lot of dead you're going gonna have to pay it off which means you might not be able to take that lavish vacation you've been planning you may not be able to put as much in your retirement as you would like you know so that's what it means by being financially fit there are some sacrifices and some sacrifices and prices that have to be paid to get there just like becoming like becoming healthy fat physically fit There are sacrifices that have to be made.

#2) Get Smart About Rich and Safe Investments

So typically hear what he is talking about is considering things that are more on the risky side because he comes from a more conservative angle where he prepares or he prefers to invest in mutual funds in real estate and when he talks about real estate he just means single family housing units not the stuff you hear other people talking about it's basically keep it simple.

#3) Be Wise About Prepaid Investment Schemes

In this section he touches on things like prepaid education plans and why and why it's a good point to for us to consider it's because eat does each plan or has their own Has their own criteria and their own penalties so for example let's say if you signed up for a college plan for your child that was specifically for in state however your child chooses to go to school out of state all of that funding you cannot use for the school that's out of state.

#4) Choose Wise Counsel

So a big thing Dave's gonna talk about is, if you listen to people who keep telling you to take out all these credit cards, borrowing to invest in real estate, you're going to continue to be broke. According to Dave, most people are broke. Most people are in debt, Having debt is normal and he encourages people to be weird. He wants us to have financial peace. We can't have that when we adhere advice of those steering us in the opposite direction.

If you want to be rich, listen to rich people. If you want to stay broke, keep listening to and doing what other broke people are doing.

We have reached the end of our first financial book review! I hope you have enjoyed this series! I'm still deciding which book will be our next series of reviews and commentaries. If you have any suggestions, comment down below!

I do have some goodies in store regarding these reviews! So, stay tuned!!

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