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It's Not About Your Resources Folks!

Are you still fixated on what you don't have at the moment? Are you more concerned about how things currently look? Practicing a shift in your mindset can change that, and it will change it if you let it.

This what I like to tell others, "it's not always about getting another job or finding ways to increase your income; it's about effectively managing what you have when you have it". With that said, let's complete the title of this post"

it's about your resourcefulness

For example, potters produce so many items from dirt that they use to form clay. They then sell these items, and create another resource for themselves. In this scenario, their primary resource is their mind; they have the knowledge or the will to learn how to produce pottery. There secondary resource, is their hands, or actions that reflect what they already have the mindset to do. Thirdly, they may use their legs to travel to locations and set up shop. Lastly, the earnings they receive become another resource at their disposal.

This is true for all of us. We have so many resources already within our reach. Our issue is whether we manage them effectively or not. Here's a quote that convicted me one day.

the wealthiest place in the world is the graveyard

-Myles Munroe

The reasoning behind this quote is, there are many people who died that had ideas that could've brought forth cures and other solutions to meet needs in the world. However, they took it all to the grave with them. Someone in the world may need your insight. Someone in the world is waiting for that book you've been intending to write. Someone in the world is looking for a solution to make modest apparel more affordable in a society that doesn't value modesty. Do you catch my drift yet?

Take a moment and look around your home. Do you have items you no longer find any use of? How about you have a yard sale or post things on apps like Letgo, Offerup, Mercari and the like. eBay is a good resource as well. What about books? Did you know there are websites that are willing to buy your books from you (BooksRun). Hold your horses!

I wouldn't recommend getting rid of all of your books, because books contain a wealth of knowledge.

With the help of the internet, information you've acquired from those books can be turned into a course or a Youtube channel. The only things you may need to do, is plan plan plan & plan effectively! You could also freelance. I hope you're getting it by now. When you focus on what you CAN do, the possibilities become endless!

It's not about resources, it's about

  • resourcefulness

  • money

  • what I have

  • what I don't have

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