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Is What Motivates You Actually Motivating? Here's How You Can Tell.

If you have been keeping up with my tips for this month, you have been able to differentiate the "whys" behind the goals that YOU create versus the ones that others have created for you and etc.

Today, I want to get into, motivation. Motivation is the the fuel, your why is the vehicle and your goal is the destination.

I want to reiterate a few things here. Our why is the foundation of a goal. Our goal is where we are trying to go, or what we have yet to obtain. Either way, what we do between the founding and achieving, is called motivation.

It is easy to begin something. It is less easy to see it through. -TCB

1) It's Effective

When we set goals, we intend to accomplish them. However, like a vehicle, we need to refuel. A car uses gas, or electricity. We, have many different types of fuels to choose from. Knowing which one is appropriate and when it's appropriate can create a dilemma.

Here are some examples

I want to buy a car.

The Why: to cover transportation so I don't have to walk everywhere

The Fuel Used: self-talk

I want to buy [this] car.

Why: to impress others

Fuel: pride

I want to become rich.

Why: tired of being broke

Fuel: books, podcasts, webinars

There are different approaches to motivation. What works for some one else, may not work for you. Yet, it gives you enough to accomplish your task.

2) It's Consistent in Your Life

In the first example I used, the individual may choose self-talk as their full because it works for them. This makes it effective. When we find something to be effective, we will use it consistently. This individual, will continue to utilize self-talk when they need to refuel.

Pride is definitely a significant motivator. It fuels most of our decisions. It is self-initiated as well. It's effective and likely to always be around.

The third example I used, shows that a combination of approaches are used to keep you going. One thing might not be enough. However, you might find you always go to a combination of things that provide the perfect kick, to keep you going when you're on "E".

Motivation is the the vehicle, your why is the fuel and your goals are the destination. -TCB

Effective. Consistent.

Identify your "go-to" fuels. Assess their effectiveness (do they help you achieve your goal or not?). Consider how often you use them. This is how you'll know if you're motivators are motivating.

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