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Empty Pockets Never Held Anyone Back

We talk much about mindset at TCB! I don't know if you caught on to that, but it will not be the last time you hear it.

The theme this week has been about another way to not let what we don't have prevent us from moving forward. Empty pockets easily communicate, "no you cannot do this or that today". Let me bring it to your attention, they are other ways to get things done with empty pockets!

Here are some examples:

  • starting a business with empty pockets -> fundraising

  • don't have money to cover an unexpected loss of life -> GoFundMe , host a carwash, hold up signs at a busy intersection

  • don't have enough money for school -> apply for scholarships/grants, work part-time

If that doesn't ignite any ideas possibilities in you, look at these extraordinary examples:

  1. Daymond John, started FUBU with $40, used his mother's sewing machine, wore his clothes and talked directly with rappers (resources).

  2. Garret Morgan, had an elementary grade level of education, he understood how things worked and invented ways to improve certain items. His ideas of improvements is the reason we see 3 light, traffic lights today.

  3. Kevin Plank's Under Armor started by him selling his products from his grandmother's garage.

These individuals that I mentioned had different skillsets and resources. Daymond, didn't have a sewing machine. He didn't let that empty pocket stop him from being resourceful, by using his grandmother's sewing machine. Garret Morgan, didn't invent the traffic lights, or the sewing machine, instead, he created improvements of something that already exists. The original resource was not his (empty pocket), but that didn't stop him for being resourceful. He used his understanding of how traffic lights operated and took action improve them. Kevin's empty pocket was a lack of location. So, he become resourceful by using his grandmother's garage. As you see, these individuals had empty pockets, but went o leave their mark in the world.

empty pockets never held anyone back, only empty heads and empty hands can do that
-Norman Vincent Peale

All of the individuals mentioned here, started with empty pockets and an environment that said "I can't". Yet, they changed their perspective and focused on what they could do. They didn't limit their capabilities to their resources. They effectively managed the resources that were within their grasp and created more resources. Their pockets started off as empty, but their heads and their hands weren't. Their thoughts were fixed on what they could do with their ideas. Then their hands and behaviors aligned with their thoughts and produced what was intended to be produced.

We can read about the success of these individuals today. But, we can't discount all the emotional toil they may have experienced. So, at TCB, we don't want to discount internal factors. We just want to point out, that those very same emotions that may hold us back, can be the same emotions that push and pull us forward.

Are you allowing your empty pockets prevent you from being resourceful?

  • Yes

  • No

  • I'm not sure

  • I realize that I have, but I'm ready to change that

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