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You're the Surgeon Now, Steps to Dissect Your Finances

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

The TCB Way

We know this photo isn't surgery. However, performing dissections is a prerequisite to becoming a surgeon. The purpose behind conducting dissections is to, learn about the "item", or "object" from the inside and out. We at TCB, believe the same should be true when it comes to financial planning.

We ALL should know our financial status from the inside and out.

Step #1 - Determine Which Expenses Are Essential and Non-Essential

Use the image as a template. You'll review your expense list and label them "E" for essential or "NE" for nonessential.

Let's Keep It Real!

  • What is essential or nonessential for YOU is subjective & relative

  • What you may categorize as essential may not be essential at a different point in time

  • Expenses that others may label as nonessential, can be essential for you at this time

  • Everyone has their own needs, so what's essential & nonessential is personal

We don't want you to determine this based off what some else determines as essential and nonessential in their lives, but what YOU determine for you life.

Would You Like Assistance With This Step?

Contact us today! Keep an eye out for a programs that we have coming soon!


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