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Financial Stewardship Self-Paced Course

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Are you overwhelmed with your finances? Do your expenses exceed your income? Do you ever skip out on meals simply because you cannot afford to eat? Have you ever believed that you don't have enough money or resources to manage? If so, this is the course for you! This course is designed to meet anyone where they are at on their financial journey. If you can you identify with any of the terms: -SNAP -Cash aid -Unemployment -Social Security -Live paycheck to paycheck -In debt -No savings -broke OR -notice that you make enough money but don't know where it goes This course is catered to meet your needs, no matter your location (physical or financial; pun intended). This course will provide you with knowledge, perspective and options that will allow you to make informed decisions when conquering your financial hurdles. Major Key Points: -Establishing and Managing Spending Plans -Establishing and Managing Savings -Establishing a Debt Repayment Strategy and Debt Management Upon Completion You Will Receive: -Certificate -Gift -BONUS GIFT #ARISEANDMAXIMIZE #IMPACT12MILLION #HEBEWS11:1

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