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Tay Chris Brown

Foundations of Financial Resilience

Break free from the unconventional, yet, traditional norms of money wisdom. At Tay Chris Brown, we're here to fuel your journey towards financial resilience with a fresh perspective. Join us as we empower parents and youth alike to challenge the status quo, embrace financial literacy, and unlock the keys to lasting stability. 


Our Story

Our story began with a revolutionary idea: putting budgeting on trial.

Our founder dared to challenge the norm, embarking on a journey of financial enlightenment. Starting from a place of hardship as a recipient of Cashaid and SNAP benefits, she transformed adversity into opportunity.

Breaking free from the cycle of poverty, she discovered a newfound peace amidst uncertainty. Driven by her own triumph, she's on a mission to empower others with the tools to find financial stability and reclaim their peace of mind.  We're ecstatic to rewrite the narrative of financial resilience and inspire change!

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